Worship @ Sweet Hollow



Worship is central to the life of Sweet Hollow. The strengths of traditional worship (with printed hymns and spoken unison prayers) and the creativity of the present (interactive times, changing sermon styles) are woven together. This celebrates our relationship with God and renews our ability to live as Christians in an often challenging world.

Presbyterians are part of the theologically "Reformed" tradition in the protestant church. As such, we recognize that faith is a life-long struggle. We seek to pursue, announce, personify, and practice God's good news of reconciliation and grace in Jesus Christ.




The Presbyterian Church (USA) practices "open Communion."  All are truly welcome to receive the Eucharist. Everyone. Without consideration of denominational affiliation, race, nationality or sexual orientation.


The Presbyterian Church (USA) practices baptism with infants, children, and adults. The baptism of infants and children witnesses to our belief that God's love claims people before they are able to respond in faith.



The lectionary is a series of the scripture readings for the daily reading of the Bible, as well as for Sunday worship. These readings are shared by millions of Christians worldwide. The lectionary forms our regular scripture readings for Sunday worship. Click here to see the calendar.