Presbyterian Church Of Sweet Hollow, 95 Old Country Rd., Melville, NY 11747     (631) 367-9249

Church History

  The Sweet Hollow Presbyterian Church was first established on May 25, 1829. It started with 45 charter members and it's first Pastor was the Rev. Charles Webster. The Church grow to 101 members by  it's first anniversary in 1830. It lasted just over 100 years when it closed in 1930. The reasons were related to the shift in population and living conditions, the increased use of the car, and the Depression of 1929. In 1944 the Church was opened  for a well attended funeral of Edward Baylis, a long time member and Elder of the old Church. This event renewed interest in reopening the Church and Sunday services started again. The Church continued to flourish  and grow again. The rolls grew to 535 members by 1956.


 The Church in 1968 on the corner of Sweet Hollow Road and Old County road, south of Northern State Parkway. The sketch above was drawn by Rudy Kausch in 1977 at the same location.




 The Original CEB Christian Education Building was dedicated in March,1960. It was located on Gwynne Road on the north side of Northern State Parkway physically  separated from the Church itself. So In 1977 8.9 acres of land were purchased with a little house on it. The Church was moved and attached to one side of the house  and a new CEB building was built attached to the other side, making up the present Church today. 

In 1999 the Church  was expanded producing a new Pastor's office and a larger Church office.


The manse was purchased in 1956 and was occupied by John and Judy Wallace for 34 years. Rev Constance Wilkerson and her husband David  occupied it  for 2 years during her time as Pastor. Rev Rebecca Lynne Segers and her daughter Grace occupied the manse for 11 years from 2003 thru 2014. Now Rev Mary Margaret (Meg) Flannagan and her husband Adam reside there.




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